February 23, 2021

London protests: ‘We stopped somebody from being killed’

The person pictured carrying a man to safety following a clash between protest groups in London has said he and his friends “stopped somebody from being killed”.

Patrick Hutchinson was widely praised after a photo of him helping the man on Saturday went viral.

Describing the events behind the image, he told the BBC the situation “wasn’t going to end well” without their help.

“I scooped him up into a fireman’s carry and marched him out,” he said.

A number of peaceful anti-racism protests took place in London and other cities across the UK on Saturday.

But groups including some far-right activists also congregated in the capital, and more than 100 people were arrestedafter violence broke out and police were attacked.

Downing Street said Mr Hutchinson’s “instincts in that moment represent the best of us”.

The prime minister’s official spokesman added: “The images are very moving. Nobody should have to face vile racism and abuse.”

Speaking about the events leading up to the photo, Mr Hutchinson said he was with his friends when one of them saw an altercation at the top of the stairs by the Southbank Centre, near Waterloo.