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Make Money With NNN Nigeria


The way it works:!! Stop being Skeptical, Good things are coming out of Nigeria. This is worth Joining!! The best of its kind, well organized, fast and efficient.
You start by registering, enter your bank account details(where you will receive money) then you click on Donate to make a donation with your spare money.

You will have to wait over a week to be matched with another participant who needs help, you will pay to this participant’s account and submit your proof of payment on the portal. The participant that received your donation will have to verify the payment on the portal before the transaction is marked as complete.

Your navros keep growing for three weeks, then you can make a request to get help where  participants will be matched to pay you your money plus additional 35% profit. For example, if you started with 100k, you will be getting 135k plus other bonuses if you qualify for any. In NNN you don’t have to make contracts or pledge your property. In NNN there are no lenders and no debtors.

Everything is very simple: one participant asks for help — another one helps.
The only thing that NNN demands from its participants is to be honest and kind to each other. You ask for financial help when you need it, you give financial help when you are able to do it.


Worst Case Scenario
You can never lose any money you put in NNN. There are two worst case scenarios which you can count on.
Your money may be delayed: In case the number users are not much; the worst thing that can happen is your money delayed beyond 3 weeks – you are urged to invite more friends to keep the system alive. You make no profit: If you are involved in fraudulent activities or constantly disobeying the rules, your account will be suspended and your donation will be matched and you will get paid back your money.

There is no сcentral account, where all the System money flows to (and where it can be easily stolen from :-)). All the money is only on the banking accounts of the participants themselves! On a lot of thousand and million private accounts. Participants transfer to each other directly, without intermediaries! (What are they for? :-)) In fact, NNN only regulates the process — nothing more.

So the System completely belongs to people. No kidding! It is a real mutual aid fund where ordinary people help each other. How does it work technically? You declare the willingness to give help (click in your “My Own Office” (hereinafter MOO) “Donate”), after which your account will be rewarded with Navro (internal “currency”/scores of the System). Navros will start growing from the moment of offering the contribution at the rate of 35% per month.  This sum in Navro shows how much you can request for yourself.

Say you have announced willingness to assist with #100,000.00. You will be rewarded in your Navro with 100,000 Navro. And they will immediately start growing! A month later, these 100,000 will become 130,000 Navro. Accordingly, you will be able to request assistance for #130,000.00.
However, it is not necessary at all to wait for a month. Help can be requested at any time. But only after confirmation of your navro. What does “after confirmation” mean? It means only after you actually transfer money, i.e. really give assistance to another participant. (But not just declare willingness. :-)) Request for providing help comes to you in your personal office. If you do not do it within 48 hours, you will be removed from the system. (For all eternity. :-))

In cases of any matter regarding the topic our online consultants are ready to help and answer all your questions.Please note that the use of the words 35% 3 WEEKS cannot be considered as a yield or interest rate since the funds were given away, we are not earning anything anywhere (we are a mutual-aid fund), and nobody promises or guarantees to pay it! Read over THE WARNING.



When registering in the system, you get from #5,000.00 to #50,000.00 as a present.
But not everyone, only those who have contributed their own money as well. (Otherwise the System will be pulled apart. For bonuses. They will keep registering endlessly.
1) #5,000.00 — if you have contributed from #25,000.00 to #199,999.99. Frozen for two weeks. If you take it out earlier — you will lose five thousand.
2) #25,000.00 — if you have contributed from #200,000.00 to #999,999.99. Frozen for a month.
3) #50,000.00 — #1,000,000.00 and above. Also frozen for a month.

Once again about “freezing”. Bear in mind that if you take your money out earlier, you’ll lose registration bonus. Only the bonus! But the contribution with all the accrued interest will be paid.
Each participant is allowed to have only one account.
Referral bonus
You get 10% from all deposits of the participant you invited. Inviting new members into the Community is your additional contribution to its development. But nobody force the members of the Community to invite new participants.But at the same time, understanding that the NNN network can’t exist without development and participants’ encouragement in the form of referral bonuses motivate many people to take an active position.
Supervisors of NNN Community can create their own multi-level structures and get a bonus from each donation of every participant in their structures. This is a multi-level bonus, thus a supervisor can have his own leader whose rank is higher. Supervisor’s bonus depends on his level in the Community:

For example, if you are Okon’s supervisor, Okon is Chioma’s supervisor and Chioma is Tosin’s supervisor, you will get 5% from Okohn’s donation, 3% from Chioma’s donation and 1% from Tosin’s. If someone will be under Tosin, you will get from him 0.5% and so on. Supervisor’s bonuses are credited in the same way as referral, but only from new money deposited and will be available to withdraw after confirmation of your help provided.

WARNING: There are lots of scams out there! Registering through Google search may put you at RISK,….Please Register via the Links we have provided here. Every online transaction involves some financial Risk.. Do not put all your money ,start with spare money!!



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