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GMAfunds is a global peer to peer donation community, where members get 100% by providing help (PH) and getting help (GH) across the world. Its similar to how MMM works but this rocks!

Imagine you make 100% profit in 20 days and even get 20% referral Bonus!
That’s not all, you also get 5% Fast transfer BONUS!
How Does It Works?
A member click on PROVIDE HELP to provide help on the platform between $10 to $2000, Once you provide the help. You will be match with another member within 24-48 hours. Once you are matched. You have to send money to the person you are matched with. Then your profits start growing. On the 20th day you click on GET HELP and you will be match with other members that will pay you 100% of the help you provided.CLICK HERE TO REGISTER GMA FUNDS use onoja5 as your Sponsor Name and onoja16@gmail.com as sponsor email.

How Much Can I Start With?
The minimum is $10 and Maximum is $2000
They accept bitcoin payment on their website.

Open A GMA Funds Account HERE
Open A BITCOIN Account and also Fund it.
Provide Help and Make Money in 20 Days!

How Do I Provide Help
To provide help, ensure you have money in your bitcoin account by funding it as you can be matched between 24 hours. Login to your GMAfunds Account and click on PROVIDE HELP button.

Enter The Amount Of Help
Select Your PLAN
Then submit your request.

How Do I Pay My Help

Once you provide the Help, you will be matched with another member to pay. Login to your GMAfunds and click on PAY BTC on the box where you see the information of the person you are matched too. Copy the person’s bitcoin address and logon to your bitcoin account at www.blockchain.info/wallet. Click on SEND, enter the person’s bitcoin address and enter the amount in dollars, the system will generate the amount in Bitcoin automatically. click on send. Once you have done that send a message or call the member to confirm your payment. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER GMA FUNDS use onoja5 as your Sponsor Name and onoja16@gmail.com as sponsor email.

Where Do I See My Profit
Once your payment has been confirmed, you can now go to PROVIDE HELP >>PROVIDE HELP HISTORY, in your dashboard. you will see your daily profit and when your money will be due to GET HELP.

How Do I Get HELP
After 20 days, you can request to GET HELP too, Click on GET HELP Button in your dashboard, you will be matched with member(s) that will pay you the amount you want to withdraw.

After 20 Make extra 20% on your Downline’s PH every month just by inviting your friends to this website. always give them your username to use as upline or sponsor username. or login to your account and register your downlines your self.

How Do I Become A Manager in GMAfunds
As a manager you have lot of benefits, you earn certain percentage up to your 10th level downlines. To qualify for this, your Downlines PH must be up to $1000 for Manager 1.

How Do I Withraw My Referral Bonus
You cannot withdraw your BONUS if you don’t provide help as well,To withdraw go to GET BONUS HELP.

Can I Start With Local Currency
You Can Only PH and GH in dollars using Bitcoin which is free to open to everyone in the world.    WARNING: There are lots of scams out there! Registering through Google search may put you at RISK,….Please Register via the Links we have provided here. Every online transaction involves some financial Risk.. Do not put all your money ,start with spare money!!
CLICK HERE TO REGISTER GMA FUNDS use Bravelink as sponsor name

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